EV Marketplace and Resources

EV Marketplace is where EV owners can list their vehicles and other items for sale.  Contact JuicedCar to get your listing published.

BMW i3 front wheel and tire – Call for price

Nissan LEAF Rear Cargo Cover – Call for price

Useful Links and information for EV owners

Plug-In America   Sierra Club  National Drive Electric Week

LEAF Owners forum    BMW i3 Owners forum    Tesla Owners forum

Here is how to add Traffic Jam Assist to your i3!

2015 BMW i3 Brochure

2014 BMW i3 Warranty Booklet    2015 BMW i3 Warranty Booklet    2017 BMW i3 Warranty Booklet

2016 Nissan LEAF Brochure    2015 Nissan LEAF Brochure

2016 Nissan LEAF Warranty Booklet    2015 Nissan LEAF Warranty Booklet

2012 LEAF Battery Warranty Settlement Letter

Get the latest info from Nissan  BMW and Tesla

Electric Auto Association has a new chapter in Northwest Florida

Department of Energy Advanced Vehicle Testing  The Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) has been testing full size battery electric cars since the 1990’s. Click the link to read over the testing reports and fact sheets.

Workplace Charging from the Department of Energy

Plug in North Carolina Resources

Use Plugshare to find nearby places to charge.  The smartphone app is really handy

Need a hitch for a bike rack?  Go here Torklift Central  They have a terrific hitch for Tesla, BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF

Leaf Spy Pro is an App that is available for your smartphone.  You have to get a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle.  Usually these are around $15 – $20 on eBay or Amazon.  I use the Konnwei ELM327 KW902.  This setup will give you all the details for the charging system and the battery.  Plus a bunch of other cool stuff.

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