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Coming Soon…

We are making good progress with getting our new location up and running.

We will be offering public EV car charging and licensed dealer operations will resume by this summer!

We will be leveraging passkey technology for customers to securely interact with

After registering an authenticator there is no longer a need for usernames or passwords or Google Authnticatior Codes or the super annoying 6 digit codes!

Welcome to Passkey authentication!

That’s it! You now have a secure login without having to keep track of a username and password.

You will need a device that has bio-metrics enabled or PIN.

Examples: Windows Hello, Apple Face ID/Touch ID or Android bio-metrics

Here is the “How to” Video clip on registering an authenticator and logging in without a username and password.

Click here to learn more about passkeys and why this is much better than username and password.